April 4, 2018

Helping People To Eat Healthy Food


The primary goal of our restaurant is to show people that eating healthy doesn’t mean consuming bland and tasteless vegetables. No, as many prominent chefs say, eating healthy means knowing how to prepare dishes that taste deliciously and have zero to no fat and other health-damaging elements.

Something for everyone

EventsOur restaurant organizes many different events. A lot of those events focus on teaching people how to prepare healthy dishes. Then there are also events that see experienced cooks competing for various awards.

Quite a number of events focus on vegetarian cuisine as the majority of it is healthy. No vegan or vegetarian uses ingredients that aren’t healthy as that would defeat the purpose of excluding meat from their way of life. Vegan classes are also a thing, and several events focus on preparations of dishes that contain no meat, fish or any animal products. Those events will show you how tasty vegan recipes can be.

Meat-eaters among you should stick with us as we aren’t one of the restaurants that disregard meat from our menu. We know that meat contains essential proteins and thus we work with it to turn it into delicious and healthy dishes. This is why we organize events that focus on meat and animal products.

Notable events we organize

RestaurantOne of the most significant events we host is the cooking competition for amateurs. This is an annual event, and we provide rewards for top three cooks. Rules are quite simple as all beginners have to prepare dishes that are healthy and delicious.

We organize monthly teaching classes where people can apply and learn how to cook from professionals. These classes last up to five hours and happen once a month, with different subjects every time. The lessons focus on vegetarian cuisine where one moth we teach people about fish and what can be done, and next month we may take the cheese as the subject and work with it to create dishes that you will make on a regular basis once you taste them.

We tend to leave the meat out of focus for the majority of the year, but we will organize a cooking event that focuses on it every once in a while.

Mack D. Dixon