April 4, 2018

Fish – The Star Of The Vegetarian Cuisine


A lot of people see vegetarian cooking as a world full of vegetables and nothing else that is tasty. But many vegetarian dishes include fish, and undoubtedly, fish can be more delicious than meat if prepared correctly.

Now, almost all edible fish is tasty, but not all of it as healthy as you might seem. Some types of fish have a lot of fat, and thus those that try to be healthy eaters should avoid it. On the other hand, some fish species are especially tasty, and you should eat them on a regular basis.

Do note that this post won’t mention any endangered species of fish as there are laws that forbid their fishing. Some countries still allow them, but our restaurant is against it.

Tastiest healthy fish you will find in our restaurant

FishSalmon, especially wild variety is a fish that has lean meat that many restaurants prepare in all sorts of ways. Even the canned salmon is healthy, as long as you buy products from recognized and popular manufacturers of canned goods. We use salmon in many meals, including salads and we also use it in its raw state and smoked alternative as well.

Everyone knows how taste oysters are, but not a lot of people know how healthy they are and what kinds of benefits they provide. People who can stomach raw seafood can enjoy in raw oysters as they are best in that form. Add a bit of lemon or lime because it makes them perfect as they lack acid. However, eating raw oysters that grow in warmer waters can lead to various diseases due to bacteria that live in that kind of water. If you don’t want to risk it, then a simple five-minute boil will kill any bacteria that might be in oysters.

It’s sad to see how many people ignore Atlantic mackerel because they think it isn’t tasty, even though a lot of people ate it in the past. But, many famous chefs started promoting the use of mackerel, and it is making its comeback to restaurant menus. This fish is lean and has a strong flavor which is perfect for dishes that have a personality.

Mack D. Dixon